The next great advance in health will be "health-enabled" patients and caregivers. All people able to engage in the health system and their health care as partners. Partners with all their important touch points.  

Without this we cannot achieve our collective goals:  improved outcomes, population health, and patient engagement.

ReX  is a brand new way for patients and caregivers to  

access trusted, quality health information in a better, safer and easier way.

ReX is a brand new way for health stakeholders

to deliver their valuable and trusted content. 


Our vision 

Making Health Knowledge and Readiness a Core Life Skill, Available to , and Achievable by ALL.

Patient health knowledge and readiness is unacceptably low and has been for far too long. Health stakeholders have almost become immune to the statistics.The unfortunate reality is that only 12% of our adult population is able to interact with health successfully. ( data on file)  Improving patient education, engagements, and outcomes are imperatives for  humans, business and society.   ReX makes it possible  to address this issue by bringing patients high quality, trusted content - when , where and how they can use it. By working with and for leading stakeholders and helping them reach the right patient at the right time. Making their content part of the solution.

Laura has said…Improving health and lowering costs is an Individual, societal and business challenge. Success requires we all participate in a sustainable and  scaleable solution to bring the patient fully into the equation. Health is complex, and requires patients be ready, willing and able. We can and must achieve the mission of a health-enabled society.”

Our Vision

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Laura Marsh- Founder, Chief Visionary Officer:  award-winning business leader in healthcare communications, innovative entrepreneur,  intrapreneur and health philanthropist.  A two-time cancer survivor and lifelong care giver.  I left a career thinking I had enough of health and illness. Only to realize that everything I did and wanted to do was about using all my health experiences and health ecosystem knowledge to help transform how patients receive and use information to become health enabled.  I decided to stop saying; " I wish they would”, and accepting the phrase, "that is not how it is done". I decided to stand-up with the courage to craft a vision for how it CAN be done for patients and caregivers in a way that  smart for health stakeholders to participate.  It can be done!

At ReX, we are bravely doing something new. Something right and smart.  We are leading a vision toward Health Knowledge and Readiness as a core life skill, available to and achievable by ALL

”At ReX we are collectively using our experiences and insight to improve the patient journey, helping lead in this great moment when technology, creativity, and science come together for shared and mutual benefit.

I believe  ReX can prove that when good business puts its mind to it,  they solve human problems and do good business. The health business and ecosystem has been built on this concept.”

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Patient Health Knowledge and Readiness is a dynamic topic .

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