Zig4life is a personal health information and resources  platform.

Zig4Life transforms information overload into information precision. Delivering only individually relevant information.

Zig4Life is a new way for health stakeholders to deliver valuable content to the right person.



Making Health Enablement a Core Life Skill

Patients must become competent health consumers.  At Zig4Life we help advance consumer competence by igniting the power of information and technology. We are transforming health information delivery so that health consumers can competently select health knowledge and services from multiple sources.


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Laura Marsh - Founder

Award-winning business leader in healthcare communications, innovative entrepreneur, intrapreneur and health philanthropist.  A two-time cancer survivor and lifelong care giver.

At Zig4Life we are collectively using our experiences and insight to improve the patient journey.

Our latest thinking can be found below 

The consumer, rather than health plans or providers, will drive the future of health. "We expect that the term health care will become, simply, health. meaning peoples physical health and wellbeing plus their social, mental , emotional, and spiritual health. And consumers will be in the drivers seat." (Deloitte, Nov. 6, 2018)

I had to quote it because there is no better way to say it. Consumer as driver changes everything. Simply everything. ARE YOU READY? We are. Zig4Life puts the patient in the drivers seat.